I hope you share my passion for travel! My favorite part is planning a trip and seeing how it comes out – meeting interesting people and doing fun and adventurous things along the way.

I believe I was born to travel. My uncle was in the Merchant Marines for 50 years, and made eighteen separate circumnavigations of the world. My mother was 50 years old and had never left New York State and she took her first trip to Europe-to Majorca for a one week vacation. She did not return for thirteen years!!

I have taken two separate trips around the world totaling more than two years, and have spent almost four years living in Europe, including a whole glorious year in Tuscany living on a Contessa's estate in 2001. It seems the more I travel, the more I want to travel!

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When I travel alone (hopefully, never again) I travel in a very adventurous style-backpacking, and my pack is less than 15 pounds. Ex-Officio makes the most incredible line of clothes for travel, and that's all I take with me. It will be a different story when I travel with my perfect travel companion. My favorite guidebook is Lonely Planet.

Except when I'm skiing (which I love to do) I travel where it's warm. I just returned from a couple of months in SE Asia, including staying on Patong Beach in Phuket and Phi Phi island one week before they were wiped away by the tsunami.

The reason why I have such a passion for travel is my seemingly unquenchable thirst for knowledge of other people's customs and cultures. Have you ever noticed how kids are almost the same in every country when you ask them to stand for a photograph!

I have never been to South America, and that's where the Senior Bachelor Journey will begin this fall. We’ll discover the Amazon together!

Stay tuned at this spot for more travel tips and stories. Happy and safe travels to all!

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