At this time the projected departure departure is in November, 2005. In its broadest terms, the itinerary will start in South America for two months, one month in Africa, two months in South East Asia, and the final month in Australia/New Zealand/Tahiti. Only one thing is guaranteed- the itinerary is sure to change!! I do not typically make reservations in advance, which provides maximum flexibility.

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I hope to start this journey with an amazing two week trip into the Amazon jungle, then Peru, Chile and Argentina, spending approximately two weeks in each country.

Then off to Africa! Our tour of Africa will have a lot to do with your wishes as I have been fortunate to have visited this continent on four different occasions. I would be delighted to return to Egypt to walk around Cairo, visit the nearby pyramids in Giza, and in Luxor walk in King Tut's tomb as well as marvel at what I consider one of the Wonders Of The World-the Temples at Karnak. And we can go on safari in one of many countries; Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, or Namibia.

Next stop India-my number one most interesting country. One has to see India to believe it! Next Burma (Myanmar), Laos, Cambodia and, hopefully, if time permits, two of my favorite World Heritage sights, both in Vietnam- Ha Long Bay and Hoi An. Next stop Australia, and Sydney to include The Great Barrier Reef and an outback stay with friends of mine on a 40,000 acre cattle station. New Zealand is unparalleled in its beauty, particularly the South Island. If you saw Lord Of The Rings, you know what I mean!! No one spot in the world combines lakes, mountains, glaciers, fiord's and natural beauty more so than this incredible island.

A few days to catch our breath in Tahiti, and then back home. Whew!!!

You’ll notice that this itinerary is all in the Southern Hemisphere which makes for much easier traveling and much less baggage!! Again, these are the broad strokes-- just to give you a sense of the adventure that lies ahead for you!

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